The original Nyack Gaslight and Fuel Company began operations at 55 Gedney in 1859. The Company used the river to transport oil and coal. At the time and until the middle of the 20th century, the Company operated along a waterfront that was a cluster of industrial uses, boatyards, and loading docks, in addition to the gas operation. With that mix of uses, it’s no wonder that people referred to the river as an “open sewer,” thanks to the sludge, coal tar, spills, and discharges that came from the forty gas plants and other industrial facilities along its length.

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In 1996, Orange and Rockland, a subsidiary of Con Edison, agreed to clean up 55 Gedney. The remediation cost between $10 and $12 million. Now, after more than a decade of being bulldozed, dredged, and capped, the remediated property has a new future.


Our project will be the first waterfront residential development in Nyack in many years and will reclaim our unique waterfront for the entire community. The design will have a village like atmosphere with buildings of diering widths and heights, which will be harmonious with the unique residential character of Nyack’s homes and properties. The property will be interspersed with manicured walkways, colorful foliage, plazas, outdoor art, a café, gazebos, and historic displays of Nyack’s waterfront.