For over 100 years, the core of Nyack's waterfront has been impossible for residents to enjoy. The Gedney Street Project will reclaim and revitalize Nyack's most important public resource. 

Our Mission

The Gedney Street Project will reclaim and transform the waterfront for the community through the creation of both residential buildings and a public park deeded to the Village.

The design includes buildings of differing widths and heights that will be harmonious with the existing homes and properties unique to Nyack. Buildings will be interspersed with manicured walkways, colorful foliage, plazas, outdoor art, a café, gazebos, shops and historic displays of Nyack’s waterfront.

The Main and Gedney Street façades will be lined with 2‐story “brownstones” with live‐work spaces that will attract pedestrian activity. Layered behind the brownstones will be five-story residential buildings that have a seamless architectural aesthetic and allow for the consideration of the view scape of the upland properties. 

Watch the newest animation of the project below!